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Vegan Holidays

To travel is to eat.

Carbonara and Chianti in Italy, crepes and champagne through France, pad thai and coconuts on the islands of Thailand. The first taste of an authentic Swiss chocolate under the alps, an omakase sushi breakfast at 5 AM at the fish market of Tokyo. Food is so much more than simply eating. It’s experiencing the true essence of a new culture. And here at Willow & Blair, some of our most cherished memories have been spent breaking bread with new friends.

But what if we told you that, regardless of dietary restrictions, you could have your cake and eat it too? That travelling as a vegan could be exciting and rewarding instead of stressful and exhausting? Whether you follow a strict plant-based diet or you’re dabbling in veganism for detoxifying purposes, we are delighted to take you on a trip of a lifetime that isn’t restricted by food choices, but rather enhanced by mindful menu planning.

We promise never to sacrifice atmosphere, skip dining at the top rated restaurants, or miss an opportunity to eat like locals, with locals, on our vegan tours. For authenticity in travel will always be our highest virtue.

We offer a variety of vegan tours throughout the calendar year, but we are happy to accommodate your specific dietary needs for any of our destinations. Please contact your tour host upon booking, and we will do the dirty work to ensure you can eat clean on your Willow & Blair holiday.

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