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Custom Tours

At Willow & Blair we also design custom tours for women’s groups.

Our global network of experts is continually growing and even if we don’t have the location listed on our website we can put in all the groundwork to ensure your group requirements are met with a royalty level of service.

We specialize in offering cultural and luxury experiences so whether you are an elite group looking for a private and extravagant experience or a group of women seeking a healing retreat, we design craft the journey exactly to your needs and ensure you have a guide with a wealth of knowledge and experience in your location of choice.

Our staff has personally been to the locations we offer and met with all of our service providers. This helps us to keep our quality level of services high and gives you the reassurance you deserve.

Below is an example of one of our popular group retreats, this itinerary can be re-designed to suit all of your needs as well as a non-vegan option.

**Please note a minimum group of 6 is required for our custom tours.