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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is for every woman to smile bigger, laugh harder, and reflect deeper than they ever have before.
We ignite passion through impactful travel, and we are proud of it.

About Us

Australian owned with staff in all corners of the globe; we identify foremostly as citizens of the world. We are a community of women travellers who are enthralled by culture, enlightened by travel and enamoured with adventure. We make it our purpose to bring like-minded women together to embark on once in a lifetime opportunities for external and internal exploration.

Willow & Blair offers boutique travel experiences with an unwavering standard of excellence.  The tours are chic with touches of luxury and offer ‘off the beaten path’ experiences.  Each woman is provided with her own personal hotel room to encourage peaceful reflection. However, discounted rates are available to travel companions who prefer to room share.

Our intimate sized groups are small enough to be shaped and moulded to fit each of your individual needs, desires and wishes.  The unrushed tour pace will allow you to really savour and explore each destination.

With a group size no bigger than 14 you will enjoy staying in quaint accommodations, which reflect the culture of the country you are visiting. You will dine in authentic and rustic local restaurants and enjoy local delicacies.

Whilst you’ll see all of the important attractions, you will always be immersed in the culture, get to know the locals and experience a range of unique activities at a slow pace. Most of our tours end in luxurious accommodations, giving you time to reflect and pamper yourself. 

We proudly foster a safe, caring and supportive group dynamic. An environment where you can truly be yourself.

Note that we offer our Vegan Holidays to both Men and Women. These tours are joint tours with The Vegan Travel Co.

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